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Pabulum was founded on the core belief that through simple nutrition and lifestyle changes we can heal ourselves. In a world with increasing rates of obesity, heart and autoimmune disease and depression, we’ve gone back to the basics and looked at our food supply for the answers. Our mission as heath coaches is to support our clients in achieving their health goals (as varied as they may be), through lifestyle and behavior modifications. Everything from shedding a few pounds to coping with mood disorders and gaining energy, improving nutrition and even helping to tame symptoms of autoimmune disease. It is our goal to equip our clients with the proper knowledge to live a healthy and happy life.


Why is a health coach important?


We listen. Not only are we trained wellness authorities but we mentor, inspire, guide and motivate our clients to cultivate positive health choices.


The reality is that many people know what they need to do to get healthy but there is something holding them back from doing it. We often know that eating certain foods will have an impact on our health but there are a lot of factors that go into why we still eat it. From the mental battle we experience when we crave a food, to blood sugar balance—these are areas we’ll delve into in order to help you understand why you eat what you eat.



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