"I can't recommend Mariah highly enough, she set me on the right path with my health. Mariah had me fill out a detailed questionnaire prior to our first appointment. Until I sat down with her and heard her vast array of knowledge and sound advice, I didn't realize what I had been doing wrong. All the suggested changes were catered specifically to me, and what would work considering my current diet and lifestyle. It all made so much sense and the adjustments were easy to implement. I liked her approach of minimal supplements, with a strong belief you can get all the vitamins and nutrients you need by eating the right food. She gave me follow up tips and recipes, all of which were helpful and delicious. I have been feeling great since our sessions together and have much higher energy. Thank you Mariah!"

- Natalia

“Mariah is the coach I wish I had found twenty years earlier, when I was searching for answers to my issues with food and problems with my weight. She is the first person who truly understood what I was going through and insisted I stop “beating myself up” for not succeeding time and time again. This is because Mariah herself has been where I have been, faced issues with nutrition and found solutions that made sense.  She truly understands and sees food, exercise and life choices as the gateway to optimal health.  Her step-by-step approach to changing my nutritional habits has made the process so simple and doable. It is empowering.  I always come away from our sessions feeling hopeful and inspired.  And when I feel vulnerable or worried, listening to her gives me the peace of mind that small changes will inevitably lead to desired results. Her approach is unique because her recommendations are tailor-made for every person.  Whenever I indicate an interest in a particular food, I receive emails quickly with recipes and suggestions. She has encouraged me to cook new things and I find myself excited to experiment. Our sessions are filled with questions that make me reflect more deeply about my life and help me gain greater insight into the reason for my choices.  She is not content to scratch the surface of the issues, but quietly and wisely elicits the feelings that I didn’t even know were there. Choosing Mariah as my coach has enriched my life, given me optimism about my health, and has been one of the best decisions of my life."

- Robin

"Pabulum has done nothing short of change my life. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s when I was 17 years old and after a mix of surgery and medication, I decided to control the disease with diet. This had been working well for nearly 15 years, until about a year ago when my Crohn’s started to flare up. I went to see Mariah because I liked her extremely personalized approach and holistic philosophy. Although there were some parts of my diet I know she didn't agree with (such as the gross amount of cheese and meat I was consuming), she didn't push anything on me too quickly or too forcefully. Mariah was able to not only look at my diet, but she was able to take into consideration what I liked to eat, how often (seldom) I cooked and ate out and my lifestyle on a whole. She was able to add some new ingredients and different foods into the repertoire and these have helped to greatly improve my digestion, increase energy levels and reduce my flare-ups. Her breadth of knowledge is incredible and this, combined with her charm, easy nature and genuine desire to work with you to get to where you want to be, are what make her so unique and so good at what she does. I'm now not only eating better with regards to my Crohn’s, but I'm more aware of what I'm eating and how it's affecting me. My diet has also greatly expanded from eating cheese, steak and salad." Thank you Mariah!"

- Sam

"Mariah is an absolute wealth of knowledge and a walking encyclopedia for all things healthy! I worked with her over a year ago and she still patiently answers all my food and health-related questions now. We have different diets and she never tried to "convert" me to veganism, she introduced me to a whole array of new recipes (many of them her own) to add into my diet. She comes from a place of non-judgment and absolutely made me feel validated in many of my health concerns when many doctors seemed to give me the attitude that the chronic ailments I'd had for years were not from what I was eating. I cannot recommend her enough as a health coach. She really knows what she's doing and really caters to your needs. It's obvious that it comes from a place of passion and an innate desire to really help others." 

- Bekka

"Mariah has been an amazing influence on my health. Growing up overweight and going through various (often unhealthy) diets, I have often felt that eating well equalled being hungry or unsatisfied. As an adult, I work in a job where I'm changing countries constantly and with limited access to the typical Western 'healthy' foods. Mariah has taken me on with full acceptance of my lifestyle, lack of cooking abilities and understanding as to the often limited availability of foods in the areas that I'm in. She has helped me find nutritious foods from around the world and always makes herself available to answer my random cooking questions. Mariah's also given me wonderful amounts of motivation and support to develop a healthy relationship with food and cooking. She's helped me to address and overcome long term issues with my diet and I know that wherever I am in the world Mariah will always find solutions that are tailored to me." 

- Simone

"I can't get enough of Mariah's vegan cooking classes!   Every class with Mariah is an onslaught of creative new ideas and ingredients and ways to prepare, combine and present those ingredients; things I never would have thought to do on my own nor have the motivation to seek out. I love eating a healthy and varied diet, but often end up falling back on variations of the same recipes all of the time and don't take full advantage of the different ingredients that are out there. Through Mariah, I've learned about different types of foods and kitchen tools that I didn't even realize existed, and I look forward to learning more in the future. My goal is to become as healthy, creative and diverse in the kitchen as she is, and for it to become second nature for me, like it is for her. Also, Mariah knows everything! I have yet to ask her a question she couldn't answer. And she answers with a smile."

- Jordan

"As an American expat living in Barcelona, it's been amazing to find someone from home who understands the food culture that I grew up on. Additionally, it's been wonderful to have someone to help me adapt to the Mediterranean way of life, and teach me how to shop locally and cook nutritiously.


Mariah's cooking classes have been so enlightening and fun!  I thought I knew a lot about healthy foods, but now I feel like a whole world of nutrition has been unveiled and that I can shop and cook with confidence.  She has also been able to answer all of those niggly questions I've always had, like the difference between "eco" and "bio", and what the best plant-based proteins are for a vegetarian are.  Most importantly, she teaches you how to cook everything in a way that is entertaining and unique and helps you to really get the most nutrition out of your foods.  Mariah is not only a wealth of knowledge but she has an innate talent for creating mouthwatering masterpieces in the kitchen.  Just when you think her cooking couldn't get any better, she comes up with another dish that is innovative and nutritious and that blows the palate away! You can taste her passion for food and flavors in every bite, and I can't recommend her enough.  She will change your life."

- Anna

"Working as a flight attendant for more than 15 years, I got used to grabbing snacks that weren't always the healthiest. As someone who's quite active, although I was feeling good, I wanted to make a few tweaks in my diet, find healthier, 'go-to' options, and in general I wanted to eat better, have more energy and lower my cholesterol. I went to Mariah with these goals in mind and it was the best decision I ever made. After only a few months, my cholesterol dropped 40 points, something that I'd been struggling to accomplish for years. The best part about it, however, was that I never felt like I was starving myself or depriving myself of things I genuinely enjoyed. I cut back on the Jamón y Queso Bocadillos, but I didn't eliminate them completely. What's so great about Mariah is her ability to truly tailor everything to you. I hesitated seeing a nutritionist for years because I was afraid they'd completely revamp what I was eating, thus taking the joy out of food. Mariah let me be me and with only a few small changes I was able to achieve big results."

- Rosa

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